Get to Know the Jeenee Co-Pilot

The Jeenee Co-Pilot is simple to install

Drawing of a car interior with colour coded ares on where to find your obd2 port to put in your Jeenee CoPilot
  • You don't need to be an IT expert to start using the Jeenee Co-Pilot and start helping p-plate drivers.
  • Simply plug the Jeenee Co-Pilot into your cars OBDII port, located near your steering wheel.
  • Most cars made after 1996 have a OBDII port, although electric cars are not compatible.
  • All cars are different, so we can't just show you one place but if you have your manual or do a Google search, you'll find it easily.
  • On the diagram, the GREEN area is the most likely location, then YELLOW and then ORANGE.

Report Card to track driving habits and see improvement

Active monitoring changes behaviour. That is why speed and red light cameras work as deterrents. Jeenee Co-Pilot is an active monitoring solution that provides a Report Card which is updated in real time. The Report Card monitors and reports on 4 key behaviours that (when modified) will help to encourage safer driving habits. These four key areas are – Speeding, Harsh Acceleration, Hard Braking and Harsh Cornering.


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  • The Jeenee Co-Pilot app works with Android and iOS devices and is available to download from Google Play or the Apple Store.
  • You can easily set up the Report Card that shows you a drivers performance with key indicators plus you get a daily overall score - allowing you and your young driver to clearly see improvements.
  • Jeenee Co-Pilot gives you the tools to monitor a drivers performance and discuss areas that need improvement, so you can continue helping p-plate drivers.
  • The Report Card is a great visual tool to mentor your young driver and supervise a learner driver who is moving onto their P Plates.

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Real Time Alerts make you a driving coach without being in the car

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  • You get instant notifications when your car speeds, accelerates or brakes harshly, turns sharply, when the car is driven in or out of an area zone, driven outside of a curfew time and when the Jeenee Co-Pilot device has been removed from the car.
  • You can customise the alerts to fit with your teens driving needs.
  • Jeenee Co-Pilot encourages safer driving as younger drivers are less likely to take risks or engage in dangerous driving practices if they know that you can see how they are performing.
  • You can set speed limit alerts so you'll know when the driver is speeding over a pre-defines limit: 75, 85, 95, 105 and 115 Kph .

GPS helps you to know where your car is

  • We have uses advanced GPS and Telematics technology in the Jeenee Co-Pilot, allowing you to always know where your car is located.
  • It is easy for new drivers to get lost and it can be a very traumatic experience for them but with the live location feature you will easily be able to get them back on track.
  • A breakdown or accident is a very stressful situation for any driver. Jeenee Co-Pilot allows you to see where your car is located in real time, enabling you to make the appropriate actions required.

Set up safe time zones for extra peace of mind

  • Night time driving is the most dangerous time for young drivers so it is extra peace of mind knowing that you can get your Jeenee Co-Pilot to alert you when the car is driven outside designated hours.
  • Using the App, you can easily set up time zones for when the car can be used and when it cannot be used.
  • You define the hours the car can be driven and discuss this with your young driver to encourage safer driving and as they get more experience, you can make updates to times, if needed.
  • Learner drivers may have only driven at night for 20 or 30 hours in total so it is reassuring to know you can set boundaries to allow them to gradually gain more experience once they become a P Plate driver. You may decide in the first 3 months to only allow your P Plater to drive without supervision up until 10pm and not before 6.30am. You can then re-assess this after a period of time and easily adjust your curfew on the Jeenee Co-Pilot to update the times for non-driving to between 11pm and 6am from 3 to 6 months, as you see fit.
  • When you have the Jeenee Co-Pilot in the car, it makes safe time zones top of mind to a young driver. It makes them more accountable and fosters responsibility.
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