Frequently Asked Questions

Jeenee Co-Pilot is a great car monitoring device for parents with teen drivers but it can be used for anyone. We highly recommend it for senior drivers too if you have a parent who may get lost, has trouble driving at night, or you worry they will drive to unfamiliar places or breaking down. The Jeenee Co-pilot  is an excellent tool for the carers of older drivers as it allows them to remain independent but gives you peace of mind knowing you can easily see when they arrive at their destination and where they are at any time.

Cars made after 1996 should have an OBDII port. They are typically located close to the steering wheel. We recommend that you look in your car Users Manual or simply Google your car make and OBDII port. Sometimes the port is hidden under a small, removable panel. Your mechanic would use this port when it goes in for a service. Electric cars, however do not have an OBDII port and as a result are unable to use the Jeenee Co-Pilot. 

The Jeenee Co-Pilot app allows you to track up to 3 different cars. It will only supply information while it is in a car. If you want to track 3 cars that are all being used at the same time, you will need to use 3 different Jeenee Co-Pilot units.

Our R&D team is currently working on having vehicle health alerts for your car battery, fuel, oil, engine and servicing so you’re never left wondering.

The Jeenee Co-Pilot has its own internal rechargeable battery. It uses your car’s battery to recharge but it is so small it will not drain your battery. If it is removed, it will still be able to send information such as its location, to the App. It will also send an alert to tell you it has been removed.

All devices of this type are required to use a mobile phone network to allow them to communicate (talk) to an app. You can feel confident that you are buying from Jeenee Mobile, an Australian mobile provider who use the Optus Mobile Network.  

The monthly monitoring fee is required in order for the Jeenee Co-Pilot to work. The fee covers the costs of real-time monitoring, data storage and SMS alerts. If you choose a 12-month contract, then the monitoring fee is included in the monthly charge of $49.90. If you pay for the device upfront, then a monthly monitoring fee will also be charged. If you pay for the device up-front, then the service can be cancelled at any time by contacting us at

Yes. The Jeenee Co-Pilot comes from Jeenee Communications. We take privacy and data very seriously. All data is encrypted and held locally in Australia. For details on how we collect, store and use your information please see our Privacy Policy

Depending on the location of your OBDII port, they may not actually realise the device has been placed in the car. We do, however, recommend telling them about the device and working with them to improve their driving. Jeenee Co-Pilot aims to encourage safer driving and young drivers who know that parents and carers are looking out for them are more likely to take less risks while driving.

Jeenee Co-Pilot will allow you to see where your car is (not just the phone) and it will track key performance indicators to encourage safer driving.  When the Jeenee Co-Pilot is connected to your vehicle, it will send information to your smartphone via the Jeenee Co-Pilot app. A mobile phone should not be used while driving a car and having the phone close to a young driver while they are driving may be cause for distraction. The Jeenee Co-Pilot will not cause temptation for drivers. 

The Jeenee Co-Pilot device is connected at all times to our servers via its own dedicated data connection and as such cannot share a data connection with another device.

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