Jeenee Mobile

Jeenee Mobile is an Australian, social enterprise mobile provider. Our smaller size allows us to focus on providing the best possible service to our customers, while continuing to put our profits towards helping others in the community.

We sell mobile phone plans and use the profits to donate free services, develop accessible technology and run technology training programs to help people living with disabilities improve their lives.

The support of our customers allows us to make a massive difference in the lives of people living with disabilities, which would never have been possible without Jeenee Mobile. We find this very rewarding, and many of our customers feel the same way.


Our Values

Be open and honest

Everyone deserves respect, and we try to reflect this in everything we do. We will never try to sneak things past you or trick you into something you don’t want. That’s just not who we are. The most important thing to us is that you are happy with you service and feel comfortable trusting us as your provider.

Treat people well

Our customer service team works in the same office as us. We know them personally, and know that they are great people who understand and care about what you have to say. When you call, they are on your side, trying to make sure they give you the outcome you’ll be most happy with.

Make things better

We are constantly trying to improve as a company – to provide better service and make the community a better and more accessible place for people living with disabilities.

Listen and Learn

There are always new things to learn and ways to improve, and we believe the best way to improve is to listen to our customers. We appreciate any and all feedback, and use it to constantly improve our services and products.

Our Story

Jeenee Mobile grew from a simple idea, to help ALL Australians be connected. The idea turned into establishing a telecommunications company that Makes A Difference in people’s lives and gives people peace of mind and independence.

Jeenee Mobile was conceived by Community Connections Australia, a not for profit disability service provider that has been helping people living with disability enjoy active and visible lives in the community for more than 28 years. Community Connections Australia saw an opportunity for people to connect with those around them – their friends, families, carers and the organisations that provide support – through mobile technology. And so the Jeenee Mobile idea was born.


Focusing on specialised services

Our team develops specialised mobile services for people who need extra support to stay in touch and people who want peace of mind when they’re out and about. This means ALL Australians, including people living with disability, people recovering from medical issues, seniors, their families and carers, mums and kids.

We believe mobile technology should be accessible to everyone and we’re continually developing new mobile solutions to support complex communications needs.


Jeenee Communications – same team, same objectives, different structure

In December 2015 the existing management team formed Jeenee Communications Pty Ltd and purchased Jeenee Mobile from Community Connections Australia. The new company was formed as a Social Enterprise with the objectives of continuing the journey begun by Community Connections Australia whilst at the same time furthering the development the customised technology solutions. Jeenee Communications Pty Ltd would continue with the same management team and staff and the same objectives, but with a different corporate structure.


Why change from a not for profit?

To continue with the ambitious plans of assisting everyone, irrespective of individual need, capability or capacity to live the lives of their choosing with the assistance of mobile technology, Jeenee Mobile needed to raise more money. The corporate structure of a not-for-profit prevented the ability of raising this money through investors. Therefore the decision was taken to form Jeenee Communications as a proprietary limited company with equity shareholders contributing the money needed to continue our journey. Our objectives remain the same, and our constitution requires that a minimum percentage of our surpluses are returned to our core purpose.

Corporate social responsibility

We Make A Difference in people’s lives. Jeenee Mobile is a social enterprise organisation. Our proceeds help people living with disability.

  • We provide free mobile services to people living with disability through our Make A Difference Program
  • We continually develop new mobile solutions and specialised technology to help grow people’s independence and involvement in the community
  • We work with service providers and people living with disability in the product development phase to trial our products and to provide feedback.
  • It’s through this partnership with the disability sector that we continue to learn and to improve our products, further inspiring us to Make A Difference.
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