Safety First For Young Drivers

young teen driver sitting in the drivers sear of a car with her dad explaining things to her from outside the car

Safety First For Young Drivers

Car and driver safety are two of the most important aspects when it comes to driving. It sounds simple enough but people often take safety for granted and this is especially terrifying for parents of young drivers.

Cazoos did a survey on what Australian drivers are doing on the road and the findings were astonishing – young drivers take heed and parents brace yourselves. According to their research, 1 in 4 Aussies multitask while driving and this includes eating, using the phone, applying make-up, teeth brushing, reading, and watching movies! 


Admittedly, we’ve possibly all been guilty of at least one of these safety hazards. It’s therefore an exercise of self-control and better judgement to help keep our personal wellbeing in check. More importantly if we are parents, we should always be mindful of the things we do and that includes being great role models to our children.


Start by setting a good example through great driving habits which they will (hopefully) mimic. Though you probably wish you could be in your child’s car 24/7, the best gift you can give them would be to instil great driving practices and to provide them with as much driver education as possible.

4 Important Ways Parents Can Help Learner Drivers

1. Ensure the car is roadworthy and comes with all the important safety features, especially if it’s a used car. 

2. Take your child out for regular drives and encourage him or her to be vocal about what he or she observes during the drive. Calmly correct mistakes when practicing skills (like pulling over, braking, parking etc), be encouraging, and give praise where it is due. Remember practice makes perfect!

3. Teach routine car maintenance so your child is armed with the basic skills such as ensuring tyre air pressure, water level, oil and transmission fluid, windshield-wiper fluid is up to scratch. You can also throw in a tyre changing lesson while you’re at it.

4. Drum in the importance of sticking to road rules such as no driving under the influence, no eating or drinking, always wearing seat belts, no texting or mobile use, no distracting chatter or loud music, and no nighttime driving just to name a few.

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