6 Tips To Avoid Using Your Mobile Phone While Driving

A young p-plate driver holding and using her mobile phone while driving

The Easter 2019 Road Toll in Australia is shocking and a reminder of how careful we need to be on our roads. The number of young drivers in serious and fatal accidents is even more upsetting. P-Plate drivers are 33 times more likely to be in a car crash than L-Plate drivers. Driving solo, without a second pair of eyes in the passenger seat can mean distractions can have serious consequences. Driving late at night, with friends or using a mobile phone are all real distractions that young drivers may not know how to deal with.

The recent fatal accident involving young driver Shania McNeill, 21, who was behind the wheel of a Suzuki Beleno in Sydney’s west – about 1.15am on Sunday morning April 28th, when she lost control of the vehicle and hit a Nissan Micra is very sad. it is made worse knowing that she and her two passengers where making a Snapchat video at the time of the accident. Viewing the video, that was posted and shared over 50 times, you clearly see Shania and her friends playing up to the camera before you see Shania’s face of horror when she realises she has lost control of the car and is going to crash into oncoming traffic.


This accident is a stark reminder of why experienced drivers need to talk to young drivers about the serious effects of getting distracted while driving. Parents everywhere should take this terrible tragedy as an opportunity to talk to their young drivers about the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving.


Obviously, Jeenee Mobile loves a mobile phone but NEVER while you are driving. We encourage all drivers with a full licence follow the road rules of the state they are driving in and use hands free and Bluetooth and put their phone in a cradle (which you can get at jeenee.shop) but L-Plate and P-Plate drivers should not use a mobile phone at all.


While laws differ from state to state, it’s great practice to not have any distractions when you are on a Probationary licence. The mobile phone is a huge distraction for young drivers, especially with the trend of filming and posting on social media while driving being so high.


Some ways to avoid being tempted to use a mobile phone while driving….


·      Check your phone before you get in the car then turn the phone off before you turn the ignition.

·      Put your phone in the back seat (out of arms reach). If you hear it ring, cautiously find a safe place to stop your car. Get out of the car and call the person back. (Do not do this on a main road or motorway)

·      If you are waiting for an important phone call, don’t drive until you received it.

·      Check if your phone has a Do Not Disturb While Driving function and turn it on.

·      Put your phone in the boot before you begin driving

·      Turn the phone to silent before you get in the car.


If you have any other great ideas of how to avoid mobile phone distraction, please let us know and will add it to our list. 


  1. Elizabeth Anders

    Some ways to avoid using your phone…. put your CAR in the boot? Put your CAR on the back sest?

    Maybe proof read before publishing!!!

  2. John Kors

    Thanks for the tips but most I already knew about.
    Please check number 4. I think you need to change car to phone. I did get a good giggle from it though.
    Regards John

    • Co-Pilot Team

      Thanks John, It’s great that you enjoyed the article – we have updated.

  3. Robert Mckee

    You may want to proof tead this and correct putting the car in the back seat and putting car in the boot, it should be phone in back seat and phone in the boot.

    • Co-Pilot Team

      Thanks for reading our blog post – we have updated the page.

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