Why A Driving Agreement Is Important For P-Platers

You've finally got your P-Plates and become an independent driver so why would you bother having a driving agreement with you parents or carer? The answer is simple.... it helps everyone to be on the same page and keep safe driving top of mind.


A Driving Agreement between a P-Plate driver and their mentor is a great way to make sure everyone understand the expectations of both parties. P-Plate drivers are 33 times more likely to have an accident the day they get their P-Plates than the day before when they we L-Plate drivers (Going Solo, Monash University). If everyone knows what is expected of them in this next part of their learning journey then everyone can work towards better driving.



Having an agreement, and reviewing and updating it often, is the best way to remind new solo drivers of the enormous responsibility they are now undertaking. Driving is a privilege and and agreement will help young drivers to remember their responsibility.



Here on the Jeenee Co-Pilot website we have a great Driver Agreement any new P-Plater can use. It highlights areas that are high risk for new solo drivers, such as night driving. The agreement allows both drivers and parents/carers to identify when these high risk areas might come into play and encourage discussion on how to deal with them.



A Driving Agreement is between two parties. The learning process continues once you have your P-Plates so it is important to get an agreement from Parents/Carers that they will continue to mentor P-Plate drivers, even when they are not in the car.

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