6 Tips To Staying Calm Under Pressure When Teaching To Drive

6 Tips To Staying Calm Under Pressure When Teaching To Drive

When you are teaching someone how to drive, you need to know how to stay calm even when you are in a stressful situation. 
Here are 6 great ideas to help parents and carers keep their cool and calm when taking a young drive on the road.

Plan Your Lesson

Before you even step in the car with your young driver, map out what you are trying to achieve. It’s a great idea to concentrate on 1 or 2 driving skills at a time.

Be Mentally Fresh

Make sure that both you and your learner driver are fresh and relaxed. Avoid lessons when you are tired, busy or after a big night out. You need to make sure you are both mentally prepared before you hop in the car.

Be Positive

Positivity is very important when you are taking a driver out on the road. A smile and a positive attitude will make a young driver feel better and more calm.

Pick The Right Time

Depending on your plan, pick the right time of day to take the lesson. If you are learning reverse parking for the first time, aim to go out on a quite Sunday morning but once your driver gets more confident, think about busier traffic times.

Know The Rules

It’s a great idea to brush up on your road rules that way you and your learner driver will always feel confident they are doing the right thing and you are giving them the right information. Find the road rules for different Australian States here.

Remember The End Game

Your ultimate goal is to encourage safer driving and make sure your teen driver becomes a good driver. Mistakes will happen but if you are there to encourage and support, you’ll get there together.

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