Jeenee Co-Pilot
Encouraging Safer Driving

The Plug-In Car Device plus App that keeps Teen Drivers Safe by encouraging safer driving through accountability while continuing the conversation to foster life long, safe driving habits.

The learning REALLY starts the day they get their P-Plates

When young drivers first get their P plates, they instantly go from being amongst the safest drivers to the group and the statistics are alarming.

Graph and statistics courtesy of Going Solo – Monash University
Happy young girl just got her p-plates and her keys

Puts you in the passenger seat without sitting next to them

Easy Installation

P-plate drivers are estimated to be 33X more likely to have a crash than L-plate drivers. As soon as you get your Jeenee Co-Pilot, you can start to encourage safe driving habits in just 3 quick and easy steps. Simply locate your OBDII port, plug in the Jeenee Co-Pilot, then download the Jeenee Co-Pilot app for Android or iOS. It's that easy!

Happy teen driver sitting in her new car with her smiling dad holding her keys and her driving coach Jeenee Co-Pilot ready to go

Observe and Coach

Of all hospitalisations of young Australians, almost 1/2 are drivers involved in a road traffic crash and another 1/4 are passengers. Just knowing Jeenee Co-Pilot is there will encourage safer driving because you get real time alerts on their performance. Encourage accountability and allow them to continue on their learning journey, without you sitting next to them.

happy young girl on her p-plates driving a car

Daily Reports

A 17yr old driver with a P1 licence is 4X more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than a driver over 26yrs. Jeenee Co-Pilot has a daily report with key driving performance indicators, allowing parents to start the conversation with kids. Adults have a visual tool to discuss risk areas with their kids, monitor driving improvements and help them to stay safe when driving solo.

Set Safe Driving Times

P Plate drivers in the 1st year of driving are 3X more likely than experienced drivers to be involved in a crash where someone is killed or injured at night (between 10 pm – 6 am) The Jeenee Co-Pilot App allows you to set up safe driving times where you will be alerted when the car is being used during unsafe periods.

Find Your Car

P Plate drivers, particularly in the first 3 months, are limited in their driving experience but unlike an L Plate drivers, they can drive unsupervised. You will know exactly where your car is with the Jeenee Co-Pilot GPS technology. In case of an accident or car break-down, you have peace of mind knowing you can locate your car by looking at the Jeenee CoPilot App.

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Jeenee Co-Pilot gives you the tools to guide younger drivers from a distance - it's like an extra set of eyes on the car.
Encourage safer driving through accountability while continuing the conversation to foster life long, safe driving habits.
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Did you know that P Plate drivers.....

Crash risk in the first few months is HIGH compared to later in the provisional period

A young teenage girl in upset and sitting on the ground on a mobile phone after a car crash with an injured passenger in the background being attended to by paramedics

Make up less than 15% of drivers but are 2X more likely to die than older drivers

Have 3X the risk of being in a crash where at least one person is injured or killed

Parent/Carer Resources

Being a mentor to a younger driver can be a daunting task. We’ve compiled a range of articles, statistics and tips for both drivers and teachers to help you develop a strong relationship and allow everyone to start a conversation about safer driving.

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